Palmer Trinity Info

Palmer Trinity School

8001 SW 184th Street

Miami, FL  33157


Entrance:  8001 SW 184th Street, Miami, FL 33157 


For teams playing at Palmer Trinity School, please note the following:


1. All players will need to have a Waiver Release signed (per Palmer Trinity School).   Click here to download the Waiver Release (PDF).  Please complete in full and give to your team manager or coach.  Team managers or coaches are asked to hand-in all completed waivers at the Site Directors Tent 1-hour prior to one’s first game on Saturday.


2. Palmer Trinity School will have a security booth at the entrance and will require the driver to give their ID at the guard gate.  Thus, this will delay the process so please allow for ample time (15-30 additional minutes than normal) to be at your field.  We suggest players/families car pool if possible.


We apologize in advance for any inconveniences, as these are safety procedures mandated Palmer Trinity School.  With that said, players and teams will find the fields in great condition, as Palmer Trinity will be a great site to compete at during the Miami Cup & Showcase. 


Any questions please email  We look forward to your participation at the Miami Cup & Showcase