Bracket Summary


Bracket of Four: Played as a single group of four teams in a round robin format, with the two teams accumulating the most points advancing to the final.

Bracket of Five: Played as a single group of five teams with all teams playing each other once. The team accumulating the most points will be announced as the Champion. The team accumulating the second most amount of points will be the Finalist

Bracket of Six: Played as two groups of three teams. Each team will crossover and play the three teams in the other group. The two teams accumulating the most points (Top Points/Wildcard 1 versus 2nd Most Points/Wildcard 2) from all six teams will advance to the finals to determine which team is the champion. It is possible that the finalists could have played each other already.

Bracket of Eight: Played as two groups of four. The winner of each round-robin group will play a final game to determine the Champion and Finalist.

Determination of Bracket/Division Winners:

In group play, there will be no overtime games. Standings in a group will be determined by:

Game Points: 3 points for a Win, 1 point for a Tie, 0 points for a Loss.

If Two Teams Tie: Starts with tie breaker number 1 and proceeds to each level, as needed to determine a winner.

  1. Head to Head result (but not in the case of a three-way tie)
  2. Net goal differential, maximum of four (4) goals per game
  3. Most goals scored, maximum of four (4) goals per game
  4. Least goals allowed, maximum of four (4) goals per game
  5. Number of shutouts
  6. Penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA "Taking of Kicks from the Penalty Mark"